Melodic & Symphonic Electro Death/thrash metal band actives in Tokyo.


Express the only and one world by combining growl & classical clean voice vocals with the unique sound of synths and strings, adding elements of progressive to thrash metal.



- Vocal


She uses mezzo-soprano voice like an angel and growl & screech & guttural voice like a devil, even she is small girl.

And her natural voice is Anime voice.

She likes classic, jazz, electronic pop, brutal death, grind core. 

Also she likes Godzilla.



Twitter andead_haruka

Yusuke Kiyama

- Guitar, Synthesizer, Programing


He likes from metal to J-POP.

He is in charge of the composition & arrangement of all songs and lyrics writing for many songs with the various background.

His guitar playing style is with full-picking.

He is also called “Satan” or “Emperor” because of his looks and atmosphere.

Also he likes Matcha.



 Twitter andead_kiyama


- Guitar


He is a guitarist and street racer by motorcycle & old style sports car.


Also he likes Ramen (Nakamoto).


Takashi Onitake

- Bass


He is a musical equipment freak.

He has many basses & guitars, effects pedals & amplifiers, and also drum sets & DTM equipment.

He always go to the used instrumental shops when he goes to play except Tokyo.

Also he likes battleship.


Tomoyuki Nakano

- Drums


He has a unique musical career that he attracted to a more aggressive sound in the process of continuing the band activity.

He continues to evolve on a daily basis, powered by the attitude burns inside.

Also he likes Giants (NPB team).




Yusuke Kiyama started as the project “ANDEAD” to realize his ideal music in 2012.


The band name was changed to HETEROGENEOUS ANDEAD and starts playing gigs in 2013.


The vocalist Haruka joined in Apr. 2014, the current vocal style and sound was configured.


1st EP “UNDEAD” was released in Mar. 2015.


The bassist Takashi Onitake joined in Jan. 2017.


1st full album “DEUS EX MACHINA” was released in Sep. 2017.


1st full album “DEUS EX MACHINA” was worldwide released from Worm Hole Death Records of Italy in Nov. 2018.


The drummer Tomoyuki Nakano joined in Jan. 2019.


The guitarist Sho joined in Mar. 2019.